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Carpentry business gives jobs to homeless

Story highlightsLamon Luther employs carpenters and builders who lost their livelihoods Brian Preston hired men who live in the woods of suburban Georgia After a few months working, some had saved enough to move into homesScott Miller says his sel read more...

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Cleaning Wool Rugs

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Trump takes to Twitter to bash former FBI officials & Andrew McCabe - CBSN Live Video


4 months ago

Air Travel Tips for Seniors With Special Needs


Dear Savvy Senior,

I would like to fly my elderly parents across the country next m read more...

4 months ago

Lung Cancer Fliers Outraged Over Oxygen Tank Dispute

Don Stranathan and Penny Blume, both battling terminal lung cancer, found love in an online support group and now that community is rallying around them after the couple was not allowed to board a US Airways flight as they were headed for a clinic read more...