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1 year ago

The Model T Ford

Before the developing the assembly line to build it on, Henry Ford first designed a streamlined production model automobile, a no-frills basic car intended to be inexpensive and fast to build. This was the Model T, a car which would come to be popularly known as the Tin Lizzie. The first Model T Fords were built at a secret facility on Piquette Ave. in Detroit, Michigan. They were built of vanadium steel which Ford had discovered by examining a wrecked French race car in Florida. It is lighter and stronger than the steel then commonly used in America, and so durable that there are still many surviving Model Ts on the road. Using the assembly line concept, Ford Motor Company cranked out thousands of cars in the first years of Model T production, and each year was a new record for the time, but one that would be broken over and over through the ensuing two decades of Model T production. All told, over 15,000,000 Model Ts were built between 1908 and 1927.

With the opening of the new Ford plant at Highland Park the already streamlined process was further perfected. The Highland Park Complex was set up to produce all parts needed from raw materials, and to turn out the finished product. It included steel mills, tire factories, casting shops, and every other necessary process. By the last year of the Model T in 1927 Fords factories could turn out one every 24 seconds.

This whole evolution was driven by Fords tapping a previously untapped market. All previous automobiles had been luxury models costing , on the average, over $2000. The first Model T was designed to sell for $850, and this price went down from there over the years. It really became an automobile for the great multitude, and in the process changed transportation and life in America permanently.

Model Ts were everywhere, most sporting a basic black paint job, and they were hugely popular. The cars became the subjects of art, photography, and even songs (see below). People could take long road trips. New mobility was empowering for many, and in an era of dirt roads, the Tin Lizzie was the perfect vehicle for its time. The suspension was a transverse spring, the wheels were steel spoked wooden artillery carriage wheels, the tires were pneumatic rubber, and you probably wont find a modern vehicle that is as at home on rutted dirt roads as the Model T is.

1 year ago

Concrete & Foundation Requirements For Steel Building Kits

1. For ground mounting your steel building you will need to dig a post hole that is approximately ten inches in diameter and at least thirty inches deep around the area you want to construct your steel building kit. Depending on whether you purchase a four foot or five foot on center system will determine if these post holes should be four or five feet apart.

2. You will need to assemble the base rails for your steel building kit and lay them in their correct placement around the foundation area where your steel building will be constructed. You will need to mark where the holes should be dug on your base rails. An easy way to do this is to poke a 16 D nail into the ground surface going through the pre-drilled hole that is located on your base rails.

3. Using a post hole digger or a hand auger to dig the various holes needed at a depth of thirty inches. Make sure that you clean out all excess dirt within the holes.

4. Lay out your steel building kit base rails according to the manufacturers instructions included in your kit. These instructions will vary according to the steel buildings that you have chosen. Place the ground anchors that are included in your steel building kit through the pre-drilled holes. You will need to use either a premixed concrete or you will need to mix your own concrete mixture according to the directions. It is preferable to use a 2500 psi concrete mixture for the strength necessary for desired results. Use a shovel to place the concrete mixture into each of your dug out holes. It is recommended to wait at least seven days after laying your concrete for it to properly set up before you should continue the rest of the assembly process for your steel building.

1 year ago

Interesting Car Facts

They are known as one of the best innovations by man. Cars are something that is close to every owner's heart. We never forget our first car, it doesn't matter if it's the 1961 Volkswagen or the 2010 BMW 5 series. To own a car is a big thing, it is a status symbol. I have always believed that technology has created more problems than it has solved, but when you talk about cars you can't stop thanking the brilliant minds who thought of making it. Each family has a lot of sentiments attached with their cars, a couple's first drive together, the first family picnic, etc. These special moments are something that you would never forget. However, most of us are not aware about the few facts that w

1 year ago

Options for Lighting a Driveway

Even the most elaborate home is bound to have areas that need improvement. One of the most frequent issues with home construction is that builders don't always put enough light fixtures on the outside of the home. You will most likely see a simple door entry light which is neither dynamic nor unique. Home exteriors have so much potential for improvement in the lighting sector that many people choose to do the work themselves. This work is not that hard when you create a plan and use easy-to-install solar light fixtures. To start out, one should choose a prominent area of the yard for maximum impact.

An unlit front yard can pose safety risks that can easily be remedied with some simple light fixtures. Dark homes are more likely to entice burglars and all-around shady individuals. Trying

to drive up to a dark home can be difficult even with headlights. Brightening up the exterior can do wonders for a home's aesthetic appeal, especially near the driveway. Driveways are important features of a home and should not be neglected in your lighting project. While lighting is generally not employed at this location, it could be considered a hidden element that can set you apart from the rest.

Safety is greatly improved when lights are added to a driveway. When cars come in and out of the garage or carport, visibility is improved, thus reducing accidents. This is especially important with young, inexperienced drivers in the family. A well-lit driveway shows visitors exactly where you are even at night when house numbers are hard to see. The great part about these lights is that they are very easy to install. The most common form of driveway lights is the ones that stick into the ground. They have a strong plastic stake with a solar light pod at the top. These fixtures require no wired power source, only light from the sun. This makes them easy to position and rearrange if desired.

Another type of popular driveway lighting is used specifically as a marker. While stake lights come in decorative forms, markers are more industrial in appearance and are more effective a marking driveway limits. One light is placed at each side of the driveway near the front. The lights blink on and off to further enhance their visibility. The LED light bulbs shine through colored panes which turn the light a bright color such as red.

1 year ago

SunDurance Energy Partners with KYOCERA and Solaire Generation to Complete a 300-kW Solar Parking Canopy at The University of Texas Southwestern Medic

SunDurance Energy Partners with KYOCERA and Solaire Generation to Complete a 300-kW Solar Parking Canopy at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Installation to be Technology Project Tour for Solar Power International in Dallas

SunDurance Energy and its project partners, Kyocera Solar and Solaire Generation, announced today they have completed a 300 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic (PV) system for The University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center in downtown Dallas. This project has been chosen as the official Technology Project Tour for the upcoming Solar

1 year ago

TNT Carports Inc

Carports require an acceptable footing to face up to the burden of the structure. A single storage bed sometimes comes with three drawers underneath that can be adjusted during assembly relying on which side you need the drawers to face. You'll find twin, single, or kids platform frames with underneath storage at many various places including the web. A full storage bed frame is giant enough to suit two folks however not very comfortably. Check the web for the kinds and sorts of double or full platform beds with storage which are available in the present day. Queen dimension storage mattress frames are especially helpful in a house that has smaller bedrooms. Queen platform storage bed frames have enough area to accommodate two adults comfortably.

Fabric, versatile carports might have a great advantage over others produced from other components. These carports could be easy to wash and final for fairly some time with out sinking in, mainly if you happen to're cautious to brush off excess debris or snow and water buildup continuously. You could possibly be shocked to learn how capable you are of setting up one in all these carports by yourself or with assistance from a family member or friend. Undoubtedly, RV carports with wanted assembly ought to include a followable instruction guide for constructing the shelter. A number of entrance metal RV carports or portable shelters serve properly for small areas and could be excellent options for individuals with multiple leisure automobile to shelter.

For customers who do not want to lock and unlock a garage, our portable steel carports are an ideal different. An owner simply walks up to one in every of our aluminum carports or metal carports, opens the automobile door and drives away! There is no such thing as a garage door to open and shut or keys to keep track of. A lot of our prospects favor the open atmosphere of our fine quality inventory of carports. Another benefit of owning one of our carports is the financial savings on car maintenance.

These packages are made out there on a few of their greatest tubular steel buildings, utility carports, carport garages , motorhome carports and multi-bay carports for the aim of constructing them reasonably priced for any funds. Professional installation of licensed and non-certified carports - Carport Empire provides, and solely deals with, skilled and certified skilled installers for carport or steel building installations. The mix of customizable stock with great customer service and flexible financing choices make it simple to pick out and purchase a metal carport , RV cover, storage, barn, pump house, or storage unit from Carport Empire.

An acknowledgment of the rising importance of the auto in suburban life with garages and carports becoming vital design parts. We sell and set up metal garages and carports in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Mississippi.

1 year ago

Beating Winter Temperatures in an Enclosed RV Carport by Kevin Keen

The versatility and affordability of enclosed RV cover has expanded their uses beyond just sheltering vehicles to functioning as home offices, work spaces, and/or play areas. As these uses become more integral in work and family life, having the area in which these activities take place get shut down due to cold temperatures becomes less and less of an option. As carport designs continue to evolve, making them more like room additions than bare bones shelters, a variety of heating options has also developed.

The two primary options for heating these living spaces are electrical or gas generated heat. Getting the right sized heating unit for the space being used is critical to make sure that enough heat gets generated without spending too much on a unit that is bigger than it needs to be. The following are approximations for the heater output required to warm the square footage of a living/working space:

* 250 square feet 24,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units)

* 350 square feet 36,000 BTUs

* 550 square feet 48,000 BTUs

After getting the right sized heating unit, the next decision will be how best to heat the designated area. Depending on whether heating must be spread throughout the area or targeted to a specific area will determine the proper type of heater. For heating wide areas, going with a convection heater is usually the best choice. An example where a convection style heater would be best is an area where people might be dispersed or moving around such as a play area or for a business with work areas which are spread out over the square footage of the structure. A less expensive option, such as a radiant or infra-red heater, would work if the area to be heated can be targeted to a specific area, such as a work desk. Money can also be saved by insulating the structure and adding weather stripping to doors and windows.

As more RV carports are being wired for electrical output, hooking up regulation heaters has become a common practice. For areas that dont experience freezing temperatures, space heaters can also provide enough heat from a 120 volt outlet but care must always be taken to keep the heaters upright and away from all kinds of flammable materials. A tip-over feature automatically turns the heater off or emits a beeping sound should the unit be upended.

Gas heaters can generate heat from both fixed and portable sources. Natural gas and liquid petroleum supply heaters from fixed piping systems while propane and kerosene are carried in storage tanks. With any gas based heating system it is extremely important to ventilate the heated area as well as placing carbon monoxide sensors around the interior of the structure to alert occupants of any kind of buildup of the noxious gas. Of the four gas sources, kerosene carries a consistently strong odor making it probably the least desirable source of heat, especially in an enclosed or poorly ventilated structure.